Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dental Implants Have Certainly Come a Long Way

Your Dentist in Fountain Valley, Dr. Peter Hagen, will tell you that today’s Dental Implants are a far cry from the Dental Implants used by your ancestors.

Dental Implants in Fountain Valley provide you with an alternative to complete or partial dentures, but Dental Implants have not always been so comfortable, in fact, you may be surprised to learn what people actually had to go through just to replace a missing tooth.

According to archaeologists, Dental Implants date back to the early Mayan Civilization around 600 A.D. Archaeological digs have uncovered ancient skulls whose teeth have been replaced with seashell fragments and semi-precious stones. Although these early attempts at DentalImplants seem crude and primitive, some of those Mayan Dental Implants did fuse to the jawbone. The most well known discovery happened in 1931 when an archaeologist uncovered a Mayan woman’s mandible bone. Thought to be in her mid 20’s the mandible held three seashells that were carved into the shape of a tooth before being hammered into the sockets of her teeth.

Your Dentist in Fountain Valley uses the most advanced Dental Implant technology available but also finds it curious that the ancient Mayans were not the only early civilization to use Dental Implants.

Egyptian mummies that have recently been unearthed have gold wires that have been implanted into the jawbone. A more recent discovery by an anthropologist shows iron being implanted into a Roman soldiers jawbone. Archaeologists in the Middle East have found skeletons that contain ivory Dental Implants.

These early Dental Implants have paved the way for modern Dental Implants, giving Dental Implants in the OC a success rate of 95 to 98 percent.

If you have been thinking about Dental Implants,schedule an appointment with your Orange County Dentist who will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for Dental Implants. If deemed suitable Hagen Dental can replace one or more teeth, restore your smile, enhance facial tissue, support a bridge or denture, and get rid of bite problems and joint pain once and for all.

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