Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dental Restorations Need to Be Checked by Your Dentist

If you have been ignoring that pain that seems to be coming from an existing filling, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Most people have no idea that old and new tooth colored resin fillings and silver amalgam fillings will not last forever, and if you are continually bragging about your 15-year-old fillings, you could be asking for trouble.

According to the American Dental Associations Mouth Healthy website, tooth colored fillings, or composite fillings are resistant to breaks and fractures, but are not as strong as silver amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are also more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and are sometimes not covered by your dental insurance plan. Recent studies indicate that composite or tooth colored resin fillings are less durable than amalgam fillings and will need to be replaced more frequently.

Of course, the only way to tell if you have decay under your existing fillings, crowns or other dental restorations is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Unfortunately, not all tooth decay is painful, and you could be dealing with additional cavities under or around your fillings. If you do not take care of the issue, other problems could occur including infection and the need for root canal therapy.

If you have tooth colored fillings that are visible when you smile, you may need to have them replaced because of cosmetic reasons as tooth colored fillings can become stained or discolored.

When you age, your teeth could change. If this happens, you may need to replace your dental restorations in order to save your natural teeth or improve your bite. The old amalgam or tooth colored filling may be past its use by date. If this occurs, you are putting the rest of the tooth in danger.

Your dentist explains that a dental filling, whether it is an amalgam or composite filling, is not used to cure the tooth decay. Fillings are only placed to remove the damage caused by acid attack.

Old fillings are certainly nothing to boast about, and should be checked out twice a year by your dentist, even more so if you suspect a problem with a filling or dental crown.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist today and have those fillings checked out. Doing so may mean the difference between a simple filling replacement and a costly dental restoration.