Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry for the Holidays

If you are saying no to all of those holiday parties, including the one that your parents are throwing because of your smile, it’s time to schedule an appointment with yourdentist who can help you determine what cosmetic dental procedures would be best for your particular needs.

Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as an in office whitening treatment or dental bonding. If you have always been in favor of dental veneers, talk to your dentist, as not everyone is a good candidate for dental veneers. Other cosmetic dental procedures that you may want to think about include onlays, inlays, dental implants, and invisible braces with Invisalign.

Since 1986, HagenDental has been providing people just like you with a brand new smile thanks to the most innovative dental procedures on the planet.

One of the best things about Hagen Dental is its state of the art CEREC CAD-CAM dentistry. In just a single appointment you can swap out your silver amalgam fillings or metal crowns, fix that gap between your front teeth or repair that chip. With CEREC, your brand new smile is just an appointment away.

Sometimes all you may need is tooth whitening, and if your teeth are badly stained, Hagen Dental can help with its Sinsational Smile® Tooth Whitening procedure.

The Sinsational Smile® is a fast and effective way to whiten your teeth while you are in the dentist’s chair using a patented silicone tray that is pre-filled with the special Sinsational Smile® gel. Sinsational Smile® also includes an LED light to accelerate and activate the whitening properties in the gel giving you a whiter and brighter smile in less time. Part of the Sinsational Smile® procedure also includes a take home maintenance pen to keep your smile looking, Sinsational.

Start saying yes to those holiday parties and schedule an appointment with Hagen Dental for your new smile. Who knows, you may only need a single appointment to get your pearly whites gleaming again. Call and schedule your appointment today.