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Fountain Valley Dentist Says: 10 Toothbrushing Mistakes

Fountain Valley dentist, Dr. Peter Hagen sees many patients in his office located in Orange County. One common trend he sees among them is that some people make toothbrushing mistakes that are counter-intuitive to keeping your mouth healthy. Read about the 10 Toothbrushing Mistakes you're probably making:
Toothbrushing is such an ingrained habit, few people think twice about it. But as with any habit, you can get sloppy, and that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Toothbrushing Mistake No. 1: Not Using the Right Toothbrush 
Consider the size of your mouth when picking a toothbrush, says Richard H. Price, DMD, the consumer advisor for the American Dental Association. "If you are straining to open wide enough to let the brush in, the brush is probably too big," he says. 
''The handle has to be comfortable," he says. It should feel as comfortable as holding a fork when you eat. 
"The more comfortable it is in your mouth and your hand, then the more likely you will use it and use it properly," he says. 
Which is the better toothbrush: Electric or manual? 
"It's an individual preference," says Michael Sesemann, DDS, president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and an Omaha dentist.  "A person who brushes well with a manual will do as well as a person who brushes well with an electric." 
Price agrees. "It's not the toothbrush, it's the brusher." 
Toothbrushing Mistake No. 2: Not Picking the Right Bristles 
Some toothbrushes have angled bristles, others straight. So is one type better? Dentists say no. 
''It's more related to technique than the way the bristles come out," says Sesemann.What is important when buying a toothbrush? Bristles that are too stiff can aggravate the gums. The ADA recommends a soft-bristled brush. 
''Bristles should be sturdy enough to remove plaque but not hard enough to damage [the teeth] when used properly," says Price. He doesn't recommend "natural" bristles such as those made from animal hair or boar bristle.
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