Friday, February 1, 2013

Hagen Dental Featured In Fountain Valley Living!

Hagen Dental was recently featured in an issue of Fountain Valley Living, which highlighted all the areas of our practice that make it one of the best destinations for dentistry in Orange County. Here is the full text of that article. To read the article at the Fountain Valley Living website, follow this link.

A dentist’s office is not usually the place that you think of as either relaxing, or necessarily environmentally friendly.  Yet these are two of the attributes that set HagenDental in Fountain Valley apart from the usual perception of a dentist’s office.

HagenDental, located at the corner of Brookhurst and Ellis, had several concerns for their patients and the environment when they designed and built their offices there in 2010.  “We wanted our patients to have the opportunity to come for their appointments in a relaxing environment that also blended state-of-the-art treatment technologies and was time and cost efficient for them,” said Dr. Peter Hagen. With regard to the environment, the list include saving energy, less polluting, water savings and more.

After months of planning and consulting with designers and industry leaders, HagenDental designed and built the current office that provides patients the most comprehensive one-visit care possible, using state-of-the-art technologies, saving patients time and gasoline costs for repeat appointments, all in a relaxing, tropical-themed environment.  “It was, and still is, really important to us that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they come here. They may not see all the technology here, but they do see the softer colors, the lighting and flooring and that is important,” said Janice Hagen, co-owner of HagenDental.   

With regard to the environment, the office was designed using LEED standards, and includes:
·    Converting all patients files to digital files, saving reams of paper each month
·    Eco-friendly furniture
·    Low emission paints
·    Carpeting  made from recycled materials, and "hardwood" flooring actually made from recycled vinyl
·    Cabinets and partitions that are made of approved recycled materials
·    Lighting that relies heavily on natural light and motion sensors that control the rest of the lights
·    A waterless vacuum system with in­line metal scavenger, saving 500,000 gallons of water annually and preventing currently allowed toxic metals from entering the sewer.
·    State-of-the-art dual air compressor system that allows system to run at 50%
capacity when needed, saving electricity and emissions.

Patients at HagenDental may not realize all the environmentally friendly concerns that surround them at the time of their visit, but they do appreciate the softer pastel colors on the walls, the relaxing music that fills the air, and of course the friendly staff.  “The interior of the office was my wife’s design. She has the eye for that. I was focused on the one-visit technology that patients have come to appreciate.  It saves them time, stress, and of course expenses,’ said Hagen.

That comes with the equipment that is used in the office. That equipment ranges from fully computerized 3-D images of a patient's mouth to equipment that provides a patient with complete restoration in one visit.  We will detail this equipment that minimizes a patient’s trauma and expense in the second profile here in a few days.

Hagen Dental
18426 Brookhurst St., #101
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Tel. 714.965.5255
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